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Guessing the Frontbench Reshuffle…

Unless you have been living in the big brother house, there have been quite a few things going on. Firstly the Fine Gael heave and secondly the world cup. Combining the two I have decided, for the hell of it, to guess the new front bench. Please bear in mind that I have not included the deputy spokesperson position as I would be plotting all night long!

In alpha order of portfolio:

Deenihan – Agri, Fisheries and Food
Bannon – Arts, Sport and Tourism
Hayes – Children
English – Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
Clune – Community and Rural Affairs
Carey – Defence
Enright – Education and Science
Bruton – Enterprise, Trade and Employment
Ring – Environment, Heritage and Local Government
Noonan – Finance
Hogan – Foreign Affairs
Reilly – Health and Deputy Leader
Varadkar – Immigration and Integration
Shatter – Justice, Equality and Law Reform
Allen – Social and Family Affairs
Coveney – Transport and Marine
Kehoe – Chief Whip
Not giving reasons for my decisions as I have based them on hunches and if nothing else it will be food for thought.
Regarding comments feel free to post away but I may not be able to moderate them as fast as you would like as I’m actually on holidays


One thought on “Guessing the Frontbench Reshuffle…

  1. Noonan, Bruton, Reilly and Shatter predictions were spot on. But Enright paid the price for backing the wrong man. Coveney had to be kept but he will regret his move against Kenny as he would have been an important figure in the party after 2012. However, all of this is based on the assumption that all the opposition front bench keep their seats in the next general election.

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